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Sell The Story Integrating video into your business growth strategy is a big thing at all levels of business, and all sizes of company budgets. The benefits are real, and the value is easily ten-fold. Many companies are now discovering that producing great video is much more than shooting video that simply looks great.

They're finding that creating great video, especially, for business purposes. It is about the message and can that message ultimately drive sales on the other end of the customer's journey. 
In our “Sell The Story” series, we illustrated how small businesses can get started building their brand stories, target the right customers, build campaigns that can be measured, and create better video. All without having to hire expensive professionals or buy costly equipment. 
How to use this companion guide:

  • Print or convert the guide into your favorite APP, for us that's GoodNotes, but feel free to chose what works best for your goals.
  • Watch the videos at the beginning of module starting with the Introduction by clicking the video above, or clicking here: Introduction Module
  • Use the spaces provided in each section to jot-down specific notes about your Customers Journey and how your brand fits in.
  • Build your entire Brand Strategy and Content Delivery plan that can be used to grow your business and train employees.

Module 1: Master The 7 Building Blocks To Brand Stories That Sell

In order for any marketing or advertising campaign to be effective, it must be able to reach your customer on some type of an emotional level. In this first series of videos, we talk about how and why consumers have prompted to purchase a product and how you can create empathy between your brand and their needs.

Understanding your customers crisis moments

Creating the phycological bond the customer craves

Building the foundation to Start selling your story

Many of these metrics can be used for both online and in-store shopper insights. Chapter 1 will look at the difference between shopper insights and consumer insights.