We built our business model around helping you build yours.

How Can We help you get to where you want to go?

We specialize in helping small businesses figure out what makes there business grow and how to support their customers needs in the most efficient and profitable way. Find out whats it's like to experience one of our quick, fun, energetic, and most of all affordable, workshops and programs.

Our Small Business Programs:

Startup Experience 360

Start you journey to becoming a Growth Marketer and mastering what it means to be a Digital Marketer. Get started with all the tools you need and our support...


Not sure if you're using the right strategies or chasing the right market. We'll help you make great decisions with our pay-as-you-grow system. You'll know exactly when to scale, what to spend, and on what platform.


Go all in with solid research and activity roadmaps to scale your business. Perfect for professional service based company's ready to supercharge their growth and train small teams on growth thinking in a digital world.

Our Small Business Workshops and Bootcamps:

8 Secrets To Building A Brand Story That Sells More Products And Services.

In this step-by-step 2-day workshop, you'll learn the secrets top advertiser and copywriters us to sell millions of dollars worth of products and services, the strategies they use, and how to weave it into your marketing and sales campaigns.

Go-To-Market Bootcamp For Small Business Owners

Perfect for small business owners with little to no knowledge of launching new products and services. This 2-day workshop gives you a tried and true formula to building successful launches every time. You take home your product or service launch roadmap and have our support as you get set.

Mobile Video Production For Small Businesses.

Yes, video is awesome and highly important to small business growth in our digital world. But professional services can be expensive, and for everyday content generation is not always needed. That's why we created this workshop so now you can start producing better video and increase your lead opportunities.

Build WordPress landing Pages Fast, Easy, And Profitable.

Leave all your fears of coding behind. In this exciting 2-day workshop you'll learn how to visually create small simple and high-converting WordPress websites and landing pages. We'll go step-by-step walking you through the entire process from concept to prototype to finished product. is perfect for existing or new clients. Then develop conversion ready landing pages your client will love.

Add-on Professional Services:

Talent Pool Services

We work with a very talented niche of professional actors. We can provide casting services for commercials, brand films, and support video work to make sure your visual brand goals are met.

Speaker Reels

Take your brand to the next level by becoming its champion. We'll help you become comfortable with talking on camera. Already a speaker, ready to build a reel? We got you covered! Bring your footage or we'll help you create it from the ground up.

Professional Photography

We can provide professional corporate and team photos for your websites, landing pages, and other marketing materials from head-shoots to full body portraits.

Corporate Interviews

Wither you're telling your personal story or doing a deep dive into your brands goals and objectives. We'l help you do it in an engaging way that will attract attention and drive your point home.

Professional Production

Scaling my your video campaigns? We can help with our script-to-screen end to end services. We'll develop your script, handle all the production work right through final distribution and monitoring performance.

One-on-One sessions

When you become a client of ours you'll get one forty-five minute free strategy session per month for the first 3 months. General used for brainstorming new ideas and strategies, but can be used for anything.

About Got Next Media

We developed Got Next Media to fill a need that most Creative Agencies and Digital Agency stay away from simply because they don’t believe small businesses are profitable enough.

Well, we disagree. In fact, we believe that most agency’s pitch services to small business before the actually even take the time to find out what they need most. 

It’s because of this, the first thing we do is a client interview. This way we get to know the story behind the brand. How you got to where you are, and where is it you’ve envisioned the company would be.