FLEXGROW360: video production easy and affordable

Our flexgrow 360 program helps small businesses create more video content

Now you can create quick videos from almost anywhere with the FLEXGROW/360 program. Consult with our producer about your project and know exactly what you'll need to shoot to get the best results and a project in line with your branding.
Then upload to a dedicated cloud folder and we'll add all your branding, graphics, landing pages, editing, color correcting, and sound. Want us to shoot it for you? We'll add $500 to cost and you'll get a producer, camera operator, and all the equipment for 4hrs.
Recommended For
  • Social Media Videos
  • Product Reveals
  • Demo's
  • Video Blogs
  • How To Videos
  • Testimonials
  • FAQ's and Customer Support

Partner Package

Create Great Projects Every-time
$ 995 Starting At
  • Brand Story Development
  • 3-5 Minute Video
  • Landing Page Design (?)
  • Conversion-focused script writing
  • Video Conversion for web, mobile
  • Record up to 4k resolution
  • Branding and Graphics
Best Value

About Got Next Media

We developed Got Next Media to fill a need that most Creative Agencies and Digital Agency stay away from simply because they don’t believe small businesses are profitable enough.

Well, we disagree. In fact, we believe that most agency’s pitch services to small business before the actually even take the time to find out what they need most. 

It’s because of this, the first thing we do is a client interview. This way we get to know the story behind the brand. How you got to where you are, and where is it you’ve envisioned the company would be. 

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