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A step-by-step guide to turning your ideas into concepts and concepts into video marketing campaigns that sell more products

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Where entrepreneurs stop taking lessons and start building roadmaps...

In 6 weeks, you’ll learn how to develop, create, and produce BADASS content that actually sells the hell out of your products and services. We will walk you through the entire process step-by-step in this project-based course so you can start crushing your competition.

Start setting up and running awesome Campaigns

In this 1-Hour, project-based webinar, we give you the exact roadmap step-by-step on how to set up, launch, and grow using video marketing campaigns from end-to-end.

You'll Discover How To Start Building Campaigns With Consistency In Your Messaging

Sell The Story

Customers make split second decisions as they browse. So Making it easy to recognize your brand is essential. When You Master The 7 Building Blocks To Brand Stories That Sell. You take control of the customer’s experience.

Define Your Customer

Every customer has a problem to solve. Understanding that problem/crisis moment is the first step to providing options for them to consider. Start creating hyper-focused content and sales messages to help them make better decisions.

You'll Build experiences that bridge the gaps between you and your audience perfectly

Concept To Execution

Building a successful business starts with understanding how to execute explosive launches for both products and services. Start maximizing your brands growth potential and reap the rewards.

Master Your Content

Content marketing is not complicated when you’re addressing topics your brand naturally excel at. Start learning how to build content clusters and pull from your customers to improve sales. 

How to Grow your brand with powerful video strategies you can produce On mobile devices

Build Your Platform

Video is the best tool for growing any business in todays digital/mobile first business landscape. Start learning how your small business can compete at any level when done right.

The Mini Campaign

With the explosion of social media, digital, and mobile marketing. Mini campaigns allows you to explore new ways to engage customers around conversations, promotions, ideas, and events without using massive resources, costs, and headaches.

Then Master Building your Roadmap in one Powerful Weekend with our Video Production Live Workshop.

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In the beginning, creating content for my company was one of the hardest things to do. After working with Freddie, my income has skyrocketed, and I know exactly who I should be targeting and on what platforms I should be focused on.
Felicia Streeter
Federal Contracting Consultant
We’ve worked with Freddie for almost 5 years. We've built training programs for our superintendent and field supervisors. We’ve grown about 17% per year. But the coolest part is we know how and why. Now we can just repeat it.
Rebecca Wright
CEO, Construction Solutions USA
Although I’ve been a nurse and ran my own independent services for doctors for years. I knew nothing about packaging my Hospice Center and get it ready to be sold. Working with Freddie changed all of that and helped get me the best deal.
Kyla Benjamin

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You can boost your success with Storytelling, Targeting, Videos, and content with this simple to follow roadmap.

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We’re investing into helping small businesses survive and thrive as the world transitions fully into the digital era. If you have a small team of 5-10 employees, we are drastically reducing the cost of training in content development and execution. Work with us one-on-one and take your business to the next level faster? 

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We help you design, mix-n-match, and execute elements that fits the needs of your company at every stage of the growth cycle. We understand that It’s one thing to start a business, and completely another to actually grow it. By providing support you get everything you need to grow online and do both!!!


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